Location: Saint Ann, Jamaica
Price: $250 1-4 people

This is where the legendary “King of Reggae,” Bob Marley, was born on February 6, 1945, and is the very same place he was later laid to rest.

Our Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour will take you through the most beautiful scenery in Jamaica.  You will travel through historic Higgins Town and Claremont to the village of Nine Mile, a likkle place hidden in the mountains of Saint Ann.

The tour will start at the family home where it all began.  Many of Bob’s family members still live here and you might find a few who would love you tell you a quick story about his childhood.

Your Rastafarian guide will share insights about Bob’s childhood and how his musical career started.  You will experience first hand “Mount Zion Rock” and where Bob would meditate and rest his head.  Finally you will be able to see the final resting place of the King of Reggae music.

After your tour, we will take you to the Nine Mile restaurant for a delicious lunch and refreshments.

Your return trip, we will travel through rural Jamaica through the scenic Muir House and Brown’s Town where we will stop at the local market and pick up some fresh produce.

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Your Trip Includes:

  • Scenic drive
  • Visit to: Nine Mile village, Bob Marley’s home, “Mount Zion Rock,” Fireside, Muir House, and Brown’s Town
  • • Lunch – Chicken or Vegetarian Option + one non-alcholic beverage.